The Mustang and Mach-E are not competitors

The Mach-E and Mustang are distinct even though they both have the same badge on the grill. A high-tech, high-performance EV

crossover built to be a family car or everyday driver is called the Mach-E. Due to the industry's dominance of crossovers, EV crossovers

are probably going to be a quickly expanding market category, particularly if considerable infrastructural upgrades are undertaken.

This year, sales of the Mach-E are anticipated to surpass those of the Mustang. However, this is hardly unfavorable news for the Mustang. 

The Mustang has never been a significant sales leader in the twenty-first century. It's a specialty sports car or muscle car that does well for 

the class of vehicle it belongs to. On the other hand, the Mach-E is built from the bottom up to be a large seller.