EPA: EVs Could Account For 67% Of Light-Duty Vehicle Sales By 2032

By the 2032 model year, sales of light-duty vehicles might account for up to 67 percent of all vehicle sales because to new, much stricter

vehicle emissions regulations proposed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. According to EPA projections, 

this would result in a 56 percent decrease in the fleet's average greenhouse gas emissions compared to the 2026 limits. According to

the EPA, from 2027 to 2055, these improvements would result in a 20 billion barrel drop in oil imports and cost savings ranging from $850 billion to $1.6 trillion.

For light- and medium-duty cars, the proposed adjustments to the emissions regulations would start with the 2027 model year and last 

until 2032. CO2 emissions would decrease to 82 grams per mile at the end. Yearly reductions would be made to meet the requirements.