2024 Toyota Land Cruiser: Here's How Many MPG The Hybrid Could Get

The brand-new hybrid Land Cruiser has a lot to offer, but what can we anticipate in terms of fuel efficiency? This is what we do know.

 The hybrid Toyota Land Cruiser is anticipated to give up to 27 mpg combined, which would be a major gain over current versions.

 The Land Cruiser's hybrid engine will make it more economical to operate each year, 

with fuel costs perhaps falling to roughly $2,000 annually.

 The 2024 Land Cruiser's precise sale date has not yet been revealed, 

but it is anticipated to have a starting price in the mid $50,000 range, making it a more cost-effective alternative than the outgoing model.

The Toyota Land Cruiser has been the premier name in dependable go-anywhere motoring since 1951,