2018 Chevrolet Suburban - $29,817 - $1,292 Annually

The Suburban is one of the most dependable used Chevrolet cars to buy, despite its bulk, bad fuel efficiency, and other flaws. Utility and 

the interior of this full-size SUV earn it a 7.3/10 rating from Edmunds. The 2018 Suburban receives top marks from J.D. Power for 

quality/reliability, driving enjoyment, and low depreciation. According to Edmunds, maintaining this SUV will cost $1,292. 

According to CarEdge, the cost of maintenance and repairs for a Chevrolet Suburban over a ten-year period will be $9,306.

This pre-owned Chevrolet SUV costs about $29,817. Nevertheless, depending on the dealership, you can pay more.