2017 Chevrolet Trax - $9,995 - $1,035 Annually

Both the inside and exterior of the Chevrolet Trax were given a major makeover for 2017. They consist of redesigned front and back fascias

Android and Apple CarPlay compatibility, and LED taillights. According to Edmunds, the cost of annual maintenance and repairs

for a 2017 Trax is around $1,035. On TrueCar, you can get the SUV for as little as $9,995, while other dealers have higher asking prices. 

The Trax is currently worth between $13,441 and $16,155, according to Edmunds.The 2017 Trax has an 80/100 rating from J.D. Power. 

According to Edmunds, it receives four and a half out of a potential five stars. According to Edmunds,